New Artist joined Starfight Records

Starfight Records got a new artist, named “Frost-X-Mritz”. He will producing house music on our label and he’s working on his first album to release it here.

Benscho found him coincidentally so we’re very lucky about him.

For all who still don’t know, we have released our first album on all stores. You can check the album out here: iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


By the way are we planning on the second album of our Trilogy. The name will be “Daylight” and will be released in Spring 2017. Eurosat is working together with Benscho on the Yearmix, which complete our successfully Year 2016. It will be released at the end of the year. Including some classics too the yearmix will be special to hear the difference on how we started and how we’re working now. We’ve developed an own sound, the “Starfight Sound” so maybe you discovered it already. If not, wait for the yearmix and develop our special sound.

We wish you all the best with our music.


God bless, Eurosat & Benscho